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October 12, 2012
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Hi guys, I shouldn't have deleted my commission info journal but I have to remake because some
people on here got confused on how I do things. a@ sorry!
I won't be responding to anymore comments on this journal,
if you have questions note me instead, also I don't care if their are typo's on this journal uAu

Do not note me about commissions unless you're serious about them
(I get too many notes about commissions and 9/10 ignore me or just cancel)
No backing out, meaning if you pay you can't cancel it.
I don't do Refunds.
Be patient
Be specific
I will not haggle to make the price lower, it stays as it is. Feel free to tip *shot* :iconbunnyloveplz:
You pay for EACH item, and if you order more than one commission note me
(This applies ONLY to those who are paying with pointsso I may make a personal print that you can buy for your commissions.)
Remind me of your order if some time has passed and you have not heard from me. :iconcraiplz: But PLEASE be nice about it.
I will start your commission once you pay in full either paypal or VIA points

:star::star::HOW TO ORDER::star::star:

:bulletpink:When sending me your commission request, please fill out the following form
in a note and title the note 「Commission」
:bulletpink:Please fill out a new form for each commission!:bulletpink:

*Paypal E-mail: so I can check if you'd paid or not Also please when sending payment Add your DA username ^^
*How Many: How many things you want
*Completion type: Chibi, thigh-up, pixel icon, page doll
*Reference(s): [Your character/characters,clothing reference/designs, etc.]
*Extra Animation:[This only applies to Page-Dolls or Cutie-Doll Icons*]
*Additional Information: [Poses, expressions, specifics, etc.]
*Total: total amount in all

:star::star:DOS AND DONTS:star::star:

:star::star:I will do:star::star:

:bulletgreen: Females and males
:bulletgreen: Things with animal ears and tails
:bulletgreen: I will only do half anthro XD;
:bulletgreen: Original Characters
:bulletgreen: Fan characters
:bulletgreen: Clothing design
:bulletgreen: Character design
:bulletgreen: Anything else that isn't on the don't list :3

:bulletred:I will NOT do::bulletred:
:bulletred: yaoi or yuri as people call it XD;
:bulletred: Full-on Anthro, no mussels or horse hooves ect or too animalistic features like bird claws ect
:bulletred: Porn/Naked
:bulletred: Anything aimed at an audience over the age of 15
:bulletred: Fetish
:bulletred: bald
:bulletred: Muscles
:bulletred: Comic strips nor manga pages
:bulletred: Mecha, no robots of any sort

Any other questions feel free to note me!  :')

Borrowed from melodeiia
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Hinausa Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
They are 1000:points: or 10USD ^^
thank you for being interested :') <333
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Hinausa Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You can like something but not want to draw it yourself, I like sonic style art
but it doesn't mean I want to draw it.
Tiger-Head-Battery Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
When is about styles, is more understandable, but with these kind of things, not so much. But then, I guess is a touchy topic for some people.

Have a good day! :D
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Hinausa Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yes, but it's mainly here so people can see my rules XD;
le-pink-piglet Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
kk : )
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