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Poromimi Lacey Cotton Tail Hybrid [CLOSED*] by Hinausa Poromimi Lacey Cotton Tail Hybrid [CLOSED*] by Hinausa
I made this a month ago, was deciding whether not to upload it at all or wait for a bit, but I thought why not upload it today.
I like her design, she's base off of a floral bouquet. Anyway, I hope you guys like it! QuQ I put a lot of work into her design and tried to make something nice, anyway thank you for looking. |D

Made a hybrid adopt, this one is extremely rare because Lacey Cotton Tail and Poromimi's rarely if ever get together! *o*
Poromimi's and Lacey Cotton Tails are a closed species, meaning only I can make them! Please do not copy or heavily ref my species.
Lacey Cotton Tails Species InformationLacey Cotton Tails are a closed species.
Meaning do not heavily reference my species to make your own,
aka, making something exactly like it calling it something else and claiming it's your own closed species!
Lacey Cotton Tails
They have lace on top of their ears
They have lace inside their ears
They have lace on their tails
They have poms, on their tails
They have poms in their ears.
Lacey Cotton Tails HISTORY AND BIO
are usually genderless, from birth but can be changed depending on their environment or situation.
Or whom they get into a relationship with. Sometimes they can stay genderless forever if the situation calls for it.
Most of them are friendly since they have been domesticated for 1000 of years. However, they're some that are feral.
These ones are usually Royalty, so it takes a long time for them to become okay with handling by humans.
They are not small but Lacey kitten Cotton Tails are. They are human size!

Animal type
Poromimi SpeciesPlease note this is not a commission journal! Just information on my closed species.
So please do not take it upon yourself to copy nor heavily reference them. 
Poromimi are animals combined with floral plants, They don't have human ears in human form they have floral plants as ear. Shown in the example here! *__*; They're designs usually consist flowers or floral plants as ears, and a tail. They're outfits usually consist of plants, though sometimes for a change I'll give them other types of clothing
Here is an example of them, though I'll make a better one later. ><;

If you have negative things to say about adopts like "Oh, the price is too high!!" or "Who would pay ____ for something like this??" I'd prefer you keep it to yourself. No one is forcing you to buy it, and it saves me the BS. Nuff said

Winner will receive the unwatermarked version upon purchase.
will also get full size resolution of adopt and sketch mini cheeb

Payment Method: Points & Paypal
Paypal preferred.
You may also do a mix of points and paypal if you'd like.

Soryian SUPER AB <33 TAAAAT thank you!! ///


for AB's note me!

SB: $20/2000 Points
Min. bid increase: $5/500 Points
AB: $100/10,000 Points (gets chibi and mini chibi-page doll))
Super AB: $140/14,000 Points (includes icon and chibi plus bustup sketch)
Icon Samples: .::sweetie baby::. Icon set* by Hinausa
bust up samples:adopt extra by Hinausa
chibi samples:Chibi Commission Examples! by Hinausa
mini-page doll: Mini-dolls set by Hinausa

New AB hold available, but I will hold for no longer than 1 week. Please only hold if you know you are going to buy it!
If paying with points, please pay via the side bar! I will open it once the auction is over.
The auction will end 72 hours after SB.

Snipe Guard: none for now

Reply to the "bid here" comment.
Don't claim the original design as yours.
Credit Hinausa where necessary
Don't bid if you don't have the money.
No backing out on your bid. If you back out without a good enough reason, you will be blacklisted from any future adopts I post.
Pay within 24 hours. The adopt will be reopened if you do not meet this deadline.
You may resell for the same price or less.
You may make slight changes (colours, design, etc.)

layout by - XiuMai 
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April 23, 2014
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