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March 23, 2013
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Pastel Adopts (SOLD) by Hinausa Pastel Adopts (SOLD) by Hinausa
AMMMMG, just some adopts I made a few weeks ago. They're selling for 1000:points: or 10USD by paypal!
If you're interested in buying one please SEND me a NOTE! And title it "Pastel Adopt" please only send me a note if you have the money on you! >A<; Before clicking the purchase button please send me a note, and I'll tell you if you can purchase them ;w;

If you purchase one, you will receive the fullsize version of your adopt!

1.(SOLD :iconmooncastle:) 2.(SOLD for :iconpinklolicat:) 3.(SOLD :iconcatswirl:)
4.(SOLD :iconkoriru:) 5.(SOLD :iconroyal-butterfly:) 6.(SOLD :iconsheepily:)
7.(SOLD :iconikure:) 8.(SOLD :iconcountesslainy:)

Had to put a watermark on my work because too many people stealing and tracing over my artwork! ;u;
please do not reference my adopts! >___<;
do not trace my artwork
do not resell my adopts without my permission
ALWAYS credit me and get me credited for the design if you have art drawn for them or if you draw it yourself!
do not reupload my work!
do not steal or claim my artwork as your own!
do not save this image and try to sell my adopts for your own! I will report you if you do

previous works!
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