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commission status list----


Check here to see what I'm working on!

If you're not on here, and you have paid, please contact me so I may add you! This here is not a commission prices widget, it's merely so people can check up on their commissions. However feel free to note me if you wish? I always respond, inshallah! ;v;///

CG chibi commission

Vaniraa - Will give when, finished auction prize.
Moondust70 Working on lineart.
Jigsu -
closed indefinitely


Appletree - haven't started
Myaoh - haven't started
lambcubed - sketching

Doodle Cheeb

beagalltach -
Kreeftje -
Rengris -
Iprie -
ariamis -
racharuu -
Koriru -
closed indefinitely

sketch cheeb

taeeee -
fattycat -
Pervy-Sprinklez -
Cappuchiu -
pindanglicious -
Soryko -
Wild-Snapdragon -
airichii -
dinictiis -
msmotley -
ariamisu -
Relxion -
Kioler -
Desiree-U -
LadyEilkah -
Angnyan -
Re-SilverFlare -
Mellow-bun -
Eukie -
PatyKida -
xxkimi-kittyxx -
crazymonstar -
JMaeflowers -
maidoe -
Jigsu -
Pomii -
Nefaire -



chibi sketch commission
107 by Hinausa
102 by Hinausa
99 by Hinausa
104 by Hinausa
103 by Hinausa
95 by Hinausa
I do sketch cheeb commissions, note me if you're interested! ^o^///
I do official chars

DOES not do
Cross like designs or crosses ;v; sorry (if you insist, I have to hide them soooorrry)
Muscles on cheebs of this size don't look so good! >p<;;

Does do
anything really, I'll tell you if I can't do it

Active watcher count 

536 deviants said 1+
26 deviants said Not watching / Random Visitor

MINI FAQ; Please read before noting me or asking me stuff


Q: Will you art trade with me?

A: No, unless we mutually watch each other. Also, I don't AT with people who haven't been on here for at least a year. Sorry ;m;

Q: Do you take request?

A:Nope never, so please d-don't note me asking if I do! ;m;

Q: Do you do Collabs?

A:Nope never, so please d-don't note me asking if I do! ;;;o;;; *SHOT for reusing*

Q: Will you join my contest/draw this for me?

A: Please don't note me about such things! I feel bad turning people down about this. So I just wanted to let ppl know, I won't join any contest unless, I myself have volunteered to do so. Also, I don't take request, I never get to them. :/

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: Umm...with a mouse for like...5 years xD Then switched to a tablet and drew on a tablet for 2 years I think ^^*

Q: Are you someone's backup account?

A: FFfftttt no. So stop asking me if I'm so and so's backup account or anyone's backup account. Notes like that now get ignored and deleted!

Q: Do you have backup accounts?

A: Uhh... no. As of right now, I deleted all my backup accounts. I had a couple but got hacked and ALL of them were destroyed. ^^*;; So I don't own anymore, however I do have a tumblr.

Q: Are you really a girl?

A: DUUUUR, nope I'm both. Nah just joking >>; I'm a girl, but believe what you want though :')

Q: How old are you?

A: I don't treat DA like facebook so I won't recall my whole life story to you, and I won't discuss matters of my age. Were here to enjoy art, not socialize about each other's age's, okay? >_>; I am OOOOOOOLD though.

Q: What's your tools to you use on SAI?

A: My pen size can literally vary from pic to pic but mainly it's 0.5 pen tool and Stabilizer 7. However, I do encourage you to find your best setting, but if mine works for you thats find and dandy~

Q: How do you animate, and what you do animate with?

A: I use photoshop..duuuur duuuur bit torrent makie so cheapie I usually draw a couple of layers blah blah blah and test animate it with photoshop. Look up a tutorial on here. There's plenty of them.

Q: Will you teach me how to draw your eyes?

A: Nope, they're not special. It's like any other cell shade eye thats been around for years. Just draw every day and I'm sure you'll find out how it works. *sprinkles majik onto paper*

Q: Why aren't you improving?
A: LOL probably because I don't want my art to look guud. Nah joking, I actually am improving, you're obviously too concerned about my improvement to actually notice I did.

None becomes picasso over night. Instead of worrying yourself over my artwork, improve on your own instead. I don't concern myself with how other people grow in art, I just like to see it happen. I'm a slow learner and have only recently begun using a tablet so if you don't like my improvement rate then please unwatch me. Negativity wont be acknowledged and most likely I will block you because fighting over how I'm slow at improving is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.



Oct 23, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
2:57 am
Oct 23, 2014
2:27 am
Oct 23, 2014
1:57 am
Oct 23, 2014
1:02 am

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117 deviants said C. Getting feedback*
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