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wrist injury Update

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 29, 2015, 3:43 PM
I wanted to update everyone on how I was doing right now!  My doctors gave me a splints to wear for about six weeks at night to see if it would help.They're still pain in my wrist, I'm not sure if I'm getting better or getting worse because I've been wearing them all the time??;;;;;And I'm not sure how other artists deal with still trying to get deadlines done with all the pain!  However I'm not giving up hope because I Don't feel like I have major numbness in my hands, just pain in my wrist and tingles in my fingers!!!  TvT I don't want to push myself However I had not been doing much lately anyway, but the pain is still there regardless of what I do...  My Dr. Said perhaps if this splints don't help , Then we'll have to do needle therapy, which he said is very uncomfortable!!

However I'd rather go through rehabilitation with needles than having surgery performed on both my wrists!  My drawing hand is the one that suffers the most from this whole thing It sucks because the symptoms weren't so bad,  before I had did that intense exercise where I had put too much pressure on my wrist. I don't even think that I had that much pain before that, then after exercise  I fell on my wrists twice pretty hard and it hurt really bad!!!  TvT

I don't think that helped either which sucks because I had so much to do!   > A <;; and now I can't even work or do anything too strenuous... Because filling out applications for jobs is a chore that hurts;;;; but I am determined to not let this ruin my art life I've seen many other artist who feel my pain and they still keep drawing because that's what they love to do!
And and I want to stay upbeat and not let myself get filled with self doubt because that's not helping and they say that it is treatable!  So that something to smile about at least :D

I'm determined to finish what I owe to a commissioners and adoptables owners, however it might take me a few months to fully get better because I hurt myself so much! Hopefully next time I'll be more careful with how I treat my wrist TvT;;;; I appreciate all your concern it really touches me;;; eks!  And if you want to know what I have, it's most likely carpal tunnel T_____T;;; hahaha...;;;  

I'm sorry for the slow responses to your messages and notes however during that time in early September it hurt too much to reply.
The way this is spaced and worded is probably going to look weird XD; I also wanted to give it a little advice to those who also draw like me! You should look up carpal tunnel prevention measures because it is something a lot of artists can get. Especially females for some weird reason, however men can get it to so don't think that just because you're a guy that you won't get it because everyone can.You should also look up carpal tunnel exercises so that when you draw you don't hurt your wrists to the point of injuring them!  Going to youtube and searching about those exercises can really help them in the long run

Thank you for reading I hope to keep you informed!!>v<

also please stop asking me the to draw you things even though you acknowledge the fact that I'm hurt!
I find it rude and not flattering, please note that this does not apply to commissioners and people who I owe artwork.  
This is to those who read my journal and still ask me  to draw them free things!  It's really annoying and inconsiderate TvT;; 

Any more notes like that will be deleted immediately and just ignored.  Sorry for this long journal, but thank you for reading XD

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AskBEN-Drowned Featured By Owner 2 days ago
may I ask  you do you do Point Comissions ?
Narangie Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Student General Artist
Do you do pixel commissions?
daifuno Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
Hey Hina! :-)

I hope your hand is better now

I've never seen a picture of your OC here in your gallery before, did you delete it? I really wanna draw her, she's cutee
Hinausa Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
no sorry!  Thank you my dear I really appreciate your concern, it's a growing process of me trying to let my hand and wrist heal :iconyuiswayplz:
daifuno Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Ahh, I see.... But I hope it'll be better soon, though... Might I ask what's your OCs name? The one with black hair and twin tails with braids ouo
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