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Q: Will you art trade with me?

A: No, unless we mutually watch each other. Also, I don't AT with people who haven't been on here for at least a year. Sorry ;m;

Q: Do you take request?

A:Nope never, so please d-don't note me asking if I do! ;m;

Q: Do you do Collabs?

A:Nope never, so please d-don't note me asking if I do! ;;;o;;; *SHOT for reusing*

Q: Will you join my contest/draw this for me?

A: Please don't note me about such things! I feel bad turning people down about this. So I just wanted to let ppl know, I won't join any contest unless, I myself have volunteered to do so. Also, I don't take request, I never get to them. :/

Q: How long have you been drawing?
A: Umm...with a mouse for like...5 years xD Then switched to a tablet and drew on a tablet for 2 years I think ^^*

Q: Are you someone's backup account?

A: FFfftttt no. So stop asking me if I'm so and so's backup account or anyone's backup account. Notes like that now get ignored and deleted!

Q: Do you have backup accounts?

A: Uhh... no. As of right now, I deleted all my backup accounts. I had a couple but got hacked and ALL of them were destroyed. ^^*;; So I don't own anymore, however I do have a tumblr.

Q: Are you really a girl?

A: DUUUUR, nope I'm both. Nah just joking >>; I'm a girl, but believe what you want though :')

Q: How old are you?

A: I don't treat DA like facebook so I won't recall my whole life story to you, and I won't discuss matters of my age. Were here to enjoy art, not socialize about each other's age's, okay? >_>; I am OOOOOOOLD though.

Q: What's your tools to you use on SAI?

A: My pen size can literally vary from pic to pic but mainly it's 0.5 pen tool and Stabilizer 7. However, I do encourage you to find your best setting, but if mine works for you thats find and dandy~

Q: How do you animate, and what you do animate with?

A: I use photoshop..duuuur duuuur bit torrent makie so cheapie I usually draw a couple of layers blah blah blah and test animate it with photoshop. Look up a tutorial on here. There's plenty of them.

Q: Will you teach me how to draw your eyes?

A: Nope, they're not special. It's like any other cell shade eye thats been around for years. Just draw every day and I'm sure you'll find out how it works. *sprinkles majik onto paper*

Q: Why aren't you improving?
A: LOL probably because I don't want my art to look guud. Nah joking, I actually am improving, you're obviously too concerned about my improvement to actually notice I did.

None becomes picasso over night. Instead of worrying yourself over my artwork, improve on your own instead. I don't concern myself with how other people grow in art, I just like to see it happen. I'm a slow learner and have only recently begun using a tablet so if you don't like my improvement rate then please unwatch me. Negativity wont be acknowledged and most likely I will block you because fighting over how I'm slow at improving is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


Price is 5.00USD for EACH seperate character. 500:points: for seperate each character.

meaning if you order two, mutiple that by two. 2 chibis = 1000:points: 1000:points:=10USD. 100:points: is basically a dollar.
DO NOT call my prices expensive or whine about it. 5.00USD is cheap. ._. A bag of chips is pricer than that here.

Please do not send me notes unless you plan to commission me.
Cancellation is understandable, but without good reason its a let down. xD; Especially without being told why.
So please don't send me multiple notes and then CANCEL the next day. It makes me less inclined to accept your commission in the future.

Please pay the tax, or I'll have to up it by 1.50
I don't want 4.50 or 9.31. It should be precisely 10.00 or 5.00, thanks.

Points are accepted but NOT PREFERRED. DO not send me points because you think I prefer them. mainly because people ketp buying points thinking I wanted them xD; but not likely, it takes 2 weeks just to receive them OTL

size is examples below
PayPal Only Stamp by pjbatter

note me your OC/ SHORT personality ref, and send payment when I confirm!

I will NOT do dynamic poses or bg's, if you want all of that check out my regular commissions here -
:note: they are SKETCH chibi's so keep that in mind and because they will look sketchy!
complex chars will be simplified. 

54 by Hinausa52 by Hinausa

groups(more than 3)
old people
REALLY manly men
crosses/religious themes 

will do
anything else so longs as its not on the dont list ;m;

Group(ONLY 3)

if you were a dessert, what would you be? 

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Your art style is so cute! Chibis with blushies with genderbend? Instawatch O.O
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Your art is so cute >7< <33
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